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titanium aluminum sputtering target size

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Haohai Sputtering Targets as the target materials division (TMD) of Haohai Metal Materials Co., Ltd. ( Haohai Titanium ), we are a leading manufacturer of sputtering targets, arc cathodes and evaporation materials
for PVD thin film technology worldwide, mainly in the highest quality materials of Titanium, Zirconium, Chromium, Niobium, Tantalum, Molybdenum, Aluminum, Hafnium, Silicon, Titanium Aluminum, Nickel Chromium, Aluminum Silicon, Zinc Tin and NbOx etc.

We provide innovative solutions for optimum sputtering results and an efficient coating process, with a broad range of R&D capabilities, we are able to optimize material properties according to customer requirements.

Our targets show the following advantages:
— High purity from 2.5N — 5N
— Fine grain size
— Full density
— Excellent gas impurities control
— Different forms and accurate dimension
— Clean and smooth surface.
— Highest mechanical strength
— Improved thermal conductivity for a faster coating process
— Highest usage rates (rotary targets/ dog bone rotary targets)
— Maximum cost efficiency

With a modern, well equipped plant and invaluable knowledge about thin film PVD Coating processes, materials and applications, we do understand the requirements of our customers, we manufacture:
— Rotatable sputtering targets
— Planar sputtering targets
— Arc cathodes targets
— Evaporation materials
— Crucibles

Strong manufacturing capabilities along with a full-scale R&D and test lab give us the ability to fully control all process of raw materials preparing, manufacturing, inspection, packing and delivery. Strict adherence to quality management system of ISO 9001:2008 standards which certified by Bureau Veritas, our products maintain in high level stable quality and win good reputation all over the world.

Our targets can be used in all common coating systems such as VON, LEYBOLD, SCI, PLATTI, BOC, OERLIKON, VEECO, INCROM, OPTORUN, etc. and other customized coating systems.

Please just send us your drawings and requirements to sales@pvdtarget.com, you can trust that we will provide you high quality targets meet your exact specificationstitanium aluminum sputtering target size

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