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silicon carbide abrasive materials

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1. Our History
Shaanxi UDC Materials Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 1997 China.We are the professional manufacturer in producing reaction sintering silicon carbide (carborundum) special products materials. We have obtained the good reputation in domestic market by our 20 years efforts. U means Union, D means Development, C means Ceramic. Our lofty aspiration is that we want to turn UDC brand into the world brand supplying the superior quality and best price for the customer of the world.
2. Our factory
UDC company are more than 100 working members, most of them are the professional technique engineers.we have our professional research and development team for serving customer.Our factory covers an area of 20000 square meters located in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province ,China. We have wonderful cooperation with the local university professor who makes a study of the heat-resistant composite.UDC company is also as the research base for the local university.
3.Our Product
What’s the RBSIC silicon carbide SIC (carborundum) materials?
RBSIC SISIC silicon carbide (carborundum) is the excellent high temperature resistance and refractory materials which is widely used for Ceramics Producing Industry Domain. Especially for the ceramic kiln pottery kiln porcelain kiln, shuttle kiln,tunnel kiln,continue kiln all kinds of firing and electric furnace kiln.
4.It has the good advantages performance about
1: High temperature resistance 2:Fire-resistance3:Abrasion resistance 4: Corrosion resistance
5: Oxidation resistance 6: High endurance7:High intensity and large density
8:High abrasion resistance 9:High hardness and anti-corrosion 10: Resist creep deformation
11: Good thermal conductance 12: Good strength for loading etc
5.UDC Youtube Video
6.Production Equipment:
Vacuum Furnace Kiln Microwave Drying
Baking Room Forming Machine
7.Product Application
Nowadays, reaction-bonded sintering(RBSN)silicon carbide product is as the refractory materials in ceramics producing industry, especially ceramics kilns furniture (furnace, oven ) and other different industry kilns, like Mine , Power Generation , Metallurgy , Petroleum , Chemical , Steel , Machinery , Aerospace Industry, others like car brakes, car clutches, light-emitting diodes etc.
UDC reactive sintering silicon ceramic carbide Cross Structure Beam, It can be more applied to the load-bearing structure of all kinds of high temperature ceramics producing kilns, like shuttle kilns, tunnel kilns and two layers slab of roller kilns.
UDC reactive sintering silicon carbide ceramic roller,tube and pipe, It can be more applied to the roller kilns of the ceramics producing, like daily necessities ceramics articles ,Toilet ceramics articles,building ceramics articles,
UDC reactive sintering refractory ceramic slab batts and plates. It can be more applied to the mounting bracket of the ceramics producing, and others ,like bulletproof vests.
we are also producing the other silicon carbide products, like apertured beam,round bar,square bar, Burner nozzles, desulfurization nozzles, thermocouple protection tubes , Cooling air pipes,Radiation Pipes Saggers and crucibles, Linings, Special-shaped parts, Grinding Cylinder and sand cylinder.
Most importantly, UDC can customize silicon carbide SIC (carborundum) materials based on customer requirement. UDC have professional technique quality control team to solve the problem for customer.
8.Product market
The main market of the silicon carbide ceramic refractory materials is India, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Iran, Russia, Italy, France, Spain,Portugal,Brazil etc. We are now have our agent office in Pakistan. UDC warmly welcom anyone who want to be UDC agent of the world. Know more things about being the UDC agent, Please email us
UDC warmly welcome any inquiry and question if customer need the stuff or materials about SIC silicon carbide (carborundum) silicon carbide abrasive materials

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