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Fluorine Lined Control Valve

  • Страна: Россия
  • Размещено: 25.11.2019 11:12


ZSHWE The butterfly valve and the upper and lower valve shafts are connected by a special-shaped hole and a special-shaped shaft. During the opening and closing process of the butterfly plate, the function of the pin-free connection of the upper and lower sides of the butterfly plate is realized, and the interference zone between the butterfly plate and the valve seat is reduced. This greatly reduces the torque. The floating structure of the disc realizes the single eccentric manufacturing process and the function of eccentricity. An anti-butter plate over-stop is provided in the inner cavity of the valve body to ensure that the disc is not in place when it is closed. The bushing between the upper and lower valve shaft holes of the valve body cavity and the lower shaft of the butterfly plate is protected by a bushing to prevent large particles in the medium from entering the valve shaft hole.Fluorine Lined Control Valve

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