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China Cooling Bed Mat suppliers

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Product Introduction
When you’re too warm, you struggle to sleep and waking up with hot flashes is no laughing matter, I’ve been there and it sucks.
All too many of us overheat at night as we struggle to regulate our body temperature due to poor mattresses, toppers, and comforters. Which is where cooling mattress pads come into play.
A good night’s sleep can be very easily disturbed by overheating. It’s difficult to get comfortable when you’re sweating and really feeling the heat. That’s why cooling mattress pads were invented in the first place; to come up with an innovative but simple solution to bedtime heat woes.
Sleeping throughout the night can be a challenging task if you’re overheated. Traditional pillows can leave you feeling hot and uncomfortable. If you find yourself waking up at night to flip your pillow or get a glass of cold water, buying the best cooling pillow that stays cold might be for you.
It can help you get cozy faster so resulting in less tossing and turning. Better sleep through the night can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to start your day.
A good night’s sleep can lead to better moods, better weight control, and better overall health. According to a Harvard study, the quantity and quality of sleep you get can have a profound impact on learning and memory as well. Make sure those extra zzz’s count.

Product feature and application
User experiences will vary depending on temperature preference, body build, ambient temperature, etc.
The effectiveness of heat dissipation may be dependent on the duration of use and the amount of surface area covered.
Use with caution and adult supervision for young children. Make sure the mat is removed on cooler days to prevent problems that may arise from over-cooling.
This mat is designed for lying on. Sitting on the Cool Mat will cause the gel inside to permanently shift, especially when used on a hard surface.

Prodection details
• Mid-sized 24 x 35″ cool mattress topper ideal for adults or children
• Uses safe medical-grade material that will not leak when accidentally cut open
• Soft and conforms to the body
• Can be refrigerated or microwaved for use as an ice or heat pack
• Foldable for easy storage

Product qualification
Save up & cool down
Sleeping in the heat is no easy feat. Either you’re tossing and turning throughout the night ot you’re racking up a hefty electricity bill with the air conditioning on high all night. With the Cooling Pillow Mat, a good night’s rest will no longer be at such a great expense of our planet or your bank account.

How it works
Staying comfortable in bed isn’t about lying on an icy cold mat, but staying cool. Cooling Mat disperses heat away from your body, keeping you at a comfortable temperature. Unlike traditional mattresses it does not retain heat in one spot, but redistributes and dissipates the heat.
Please note: Having the mat completely covered by either the body or blanket for too long will minimize its effectiveness; some movement during one’s sleep cycle should prevent this from happening. This medium-sized Cooling Mat is most suitable for children or adults with a smaller build.
Good for pets too!
Just like humans, pets can also find it unbearably hot in the summertime. With a cleanable surface and gel that won’t leak, they’ll appreciate the Cooingl Mat as much as you.

Q:Any preparatory steps needed before cooling will begin? Is these items cooled by refrigeration in a freezer?
A:No need. Just store it in Cool and Shadow place before use! Of course,If want to speed up the heat release process,or extra cooling is needed,the cool mat can be ,put it in the freezer before use!
Q:Can all people use this, or certain people cannot?
A:Everyone can use the cool mat. In case of too cold, the,baby, children,patient, Place fabric between cool mat and skin if necessary.China Cooling Bed Mat suppliers

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