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buy 9D Virtual Reality Machine

  • Страна: Россия
  • Размещено: 26.08.2019 04:19


VR Chair is named as 9D virtual reality chair,it consists of VR headset, 3DOF crank-mechanical electric motion effects platform, 9D VR films and PC player system. It can make the viewers enjoy the most powerful&realistic sense from the auditory, visual, tactile, as exposure to the movies, it can also realize different kinds of wind, smoke,etc effects through environmental simulation, so that can enjoy the thrilling VR experience of falling/going up, 360degree left / right spinning movements and other new real feeling, they are immersive and fun for your enjoyment in whole films

It’s just for you to find suitable place which has large flow of people,there is no need of installing these VR equipments,it;s only connected with the power line&signal line to PC host, it will be start working for new business soon,we will try to update new VR films for you each year, which can make sure your VR business for making money in the long-term!
4DMAX Touch Screen PC Player System Technicals:
For VR Amusement Park Equipment,we will have our own development PC player system for clients, it’s easy operation like using mobile with high-definition touch screen,whatever films you like in our playlist ,it’s just ready for you to click the selected films and press start and working it well, when film is over, it will automatically stop for clients

For our VR player system,except easy operation,its main point is to control all chairs running at the same time, also it can play different films at different time,which can take good advantage of them to make better&greatest VR business in the future, it can make outstanding performance on our 4DMAX Unique VR equipments

Welcome you to see our clear player system screen technicals, which can make you know more about our each equipment before purchase safely, we will gladly share our different 6seat / 8seat /10seat/ 12seat / etc VR cinema projects with you by email, also supply our 10year’s VR business experiences and advices for our partners, which can make mutual better cooperation with great profits together
Where it’s suitable to put 9D VR Park Rides Equipments?
* Amusement Center,Theme Park, Shopping Mall,
* All kinds of clubs,Movie Theater,Home Theater
* Science promotion activities, etc
* Tourist Attractions
* VR Arcade, VR Theme Park,etc
4DMAX 9D VR Chair Simulator Photos
4DMAX VR Cinema Successful Project Cases:
4DMAX Beijing&Guangzhou Skillful Teams Show

4DMAX Beijing VR Equipment Productions&Development Teambuy 9D Virtual Reality Machine

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